Stitch Fix Friday!

Stitch Fix Friday | Domesticated Academic

I’ve started getting stitch fix! I couldn’t be more excited about it for many reasons which I’ll get into below. I got my box my first month and was underwhelmed by the choices. I was told, “don’t give up” and to try again for another month or two so I could get my profile “nailed down” and happily, my box arrived and I was thrilled to like more of the items this month!

2014-08-14 17.01.44

(like my bra?)

Here’s how it works:

When you fill out your style details online, you can be as specific as you want and it may take a month or two to get things right. I got an off the shoulder shirt last month, hhmmm, no thank you. Went into my profile and said, “please don’t send off the shoulder stuff anymore.” My friend loves jeans w blazers and asked for “as many blazers as possible.” Her last fix had two of them for $80 each, which is reasonable for a well made & lined blazer. You can also include your pinterest board to help the stylist get a good read on you. If you buy all of the items, you get 25% off the whole box price. You can pick flexible delivery dates and how often you get a fix in the mail to manage your preferences. Nothing shoved down your throat. You pay a $20 “styling fee” that can be applied to your fix if you keep any items.

Stitch Fix Friday | Domesticated Academic

In the box: my clothing items, a price list and some really nice style cards to help you coordinate outfits with helpful suggestions. The best part: you don’t have to keep any of it if you don’t want too.

I kept one shirt from my first fix and was glad I did. I love that shirt and I never would have tried it on in a store or bought it off an online retailer. I have a few issues w some of the pricing vs the quality of the fabric and construction. I really like that you can sit with the clothes for three days. It gives me time to make sure I’m really going to wear these things and I don’t feel bad that I can’t make a decision within the first thirty seconds. It pushes me to try on things I normally wouldn’t pull and take a little risk with no pressure from bad lighting or inner feelings of guilt that come with any human trying on clothes.

Stitch Fix Friday | Domesticated Academic

There’s proof that they do mark up the clothes in price but that’s how they make their money. I would not have kept the teal shirt had it not been for the $20 off of the styling fee, which made the shirt in my price range/budget. My validation is that there’s not a lot of good shopping here for a professional woman and if someone wants to deliver five nice items to my door and then give me three days to figure out if I will wear them, that’s worth a few extra bucks. While it can be very much about the price, it’s also a really nice convenience thing for me bc I hate shopping in general and everything down here seems to have been attacked by a bedazzler from hell. This also keeps me from browsing otherwise and buying things I don’t really care for or being wasteful with my money.

Total first world problems up in here today…. 😛

So, that’s my two cents on Stitch Fix.


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