Friday Food

It’s been a long time, long time…..(cue aaliyah anyone?) since I posted a recipe. The semester started. And it’s all been downhill from there. It’s not to say I haven’t been cooking, believe me, I like to eat enough to not miss too many dinner bells chiming near my brain, but I haven’t been making anything NEW and EXCITING in the foodie world. And, I’ll just be honest if no one on DSLR camera perfection planet wants to be: sometimes, the food isn’t that pretty, but man it tastes GOOD!!!!!!!!

So, I’m going to give you some amateur, close to dark, strangely colored food pics and say “embrace them with me” because that was some damn good chicken kids…maybe you’ll get an idea out of it for a meal and you can rejoice when your chicken looks like my chicken when you finally get to supper at 9 p.m. on any given Tuesday.

Friday Things | Domesticated Academic


Summer cheese dip. There’s still a mass amount of summer produce floating around me. Summer cheese dip has been a great ‘go-to’ for me this summer as a dish to pass, an appetizer, and if we’re being honest, dinner of champions at least twice. Get on it. Queso or feta makes this really good and both cheeses give it a unique flavor.

Friday Things | Domesticated Academic


No knead pizza crust. Pizza Friday manages to come around each week with ease and a delicious outcome from the oven. Saving myself time and limping home to the comfort of my apple tv has made life easier all around.

Friday Things | Domesticated Academic


Zucchini bread & muffins. I’ve had the good fortune of miles of zucchini this year. I binge bake and then freeze the spoils for distribution later. My Mema’s recipe stands the test of time!

Friday Things | Domesticated Academic


Caprese salad. It needs no explanation.

Friday Things | Domesticated Academic

The first cool day was last week. And I made the most of it making homemade shake-n-bake chicken. No mix in the house? That’s ok. Mix equal parts panko breadcrumbs with Italian (or plain seasoned up) and shake it off. Taylor Swift would be proud and your chicken will be fantastic. I use a rack to bake the chicken and you can take the skin off (but really, why would you?) before shaking to reduce the fat/cals. I roasted the zucchini with onions and red pepper with some homemade greek seasoning.


Friday Things | Domesticated Academic


Last but not least, these little dudes are individual peach cobblers. Adorable by anyone’s standards and perfectly portioned for you. There’s two peaches under the layer of crispy crust that I cubed and added some sugar and cinnamon too. I paired them with some vanilla ice cream and reheated them before serving.


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