Flying Through Fall

Flash Forward to Fall | Domesticated Academic

Oh hey there, how are you?

I’ve been busy. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been making gourmet meals with flair. It’s been living life! I’m going to show you what I’ve been munching on and doing during this lovely early fall season. Granted, the humidity just broke and it wasn’t a very hot summer to begin with, making my AC bill an all-time low, but you won’t hear me complaining, I hate the heat and I hate my electric bill 🙂

Sunday is a great day for me. I prep a LOT of food for the upcoming week.

Flash Forward to Fall | Domesticated Academic

A few weeks ago, I made spaghetti squash, black bean burgers, crock pot turkey chili, and my standards of hb eggs, fresh veggies, and some beans that I had soaked for the chili were froze for a rainy day. Making food on Sunday’s really helps me stay on track during the week in several areas: there’s something good for lunch every day, it motivates me to NOT take myself to lunch somewhere (or dinner) and I can swim and work out in the evenings and come home to a proper supper. Heating leftovers isn’t all that glamorous, but cooking for one is tough and I like saving money! I did freeze the rest of the chili at the week’s end for later. It made about six servings. I ate about half before freezing it. Rather save it than waste it.

Flash Forward to Fall | Domesticated Academic

This Sunday was no slouch either. Homemade apple/peach sauce worked on the stove while I hb’ed my eggs. I turned the oven on and baked up some of my favorite things in life: roast veggies, my Mema’s pork loin (rolled in flour, salt, pepper, & lemon pepper seasoning), and my first batch of homemade Butternut Mac & Cheese of the season. You’re never going to know there’s a fiber rich vegetable in there! This food prep made a TON of food and I’m going to eat really well all week!

Flash Forward to Fall | Domesticated Academic

Speaking of leftovers, that spaghetti squash and black bean burger combo set me up for a great week for lunches! Doesn’t look like much, but it was delicious!

Flash Forward to Fall | Domesticated Academic

Fall is beginning to fall and I treated myself to a rare PSL from good ol’ Sbux. They’re pretty good but not for the $5 they’re charging now! Meow! and Woof! The coat and I have traveled some miles together. I bought it in 2003, the first year I taught public school and it’s moved with me (and still fits) everywhere life has taken me. I get all nostalgic about the coat. It’s starting to show some wear, but I can’t bear to part with it just yet. I’m waiting until it comes out of the washing machine in tatters before I’ll let go of it. I also can’t get enough of t.swift. I usually don’t like her, but her new tune is catchy and has implanted itself in my middle ear. I just can’t quit you t.swift.

Flash Forward to Fall | Domesticated Academic

Faculty writing group rotates each week to a different coffee shop around town. Last week was the french bistro. Serving a good press of coffee and some fresh crepes with fresh fruit and whipped cream, this place is quite good! Some would argue it’s not “traditional” french, but guess what? We live in Appalachia. It’s as good as you’re going to get around here. My stomach was happy.

Flash Forward to Fall | Domesticated Academic

Wine? Anyone? My friends and I went to a local wine festival over the weekend with some wonderful wineries and some amazing food! Pork belly, angus burger, fried egg, sriracha mayo, bacon jam, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and a challah bun. CRUSHED IT!!!! The tots were smoky and wonderful too.

Flash Forward to Fall | Domesticated Academic

Olivia Pope is back and she’s on her A-Game fo’shizzle. Friends and I celebrated her return with Pope sized wine glasses full of red wine, although not quite as expensive as her taste on the show, more  like $10-15 expensive. I made bacon wrapped grilled cheese bites for a snack to share. It was lovely.


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