November in an Instagram

I really like putting these posts together! I try and save what I think are my “best” photos for instagram and for you each month and you can see what I’ve been up to. If stalking me softly is your jam, then this post was written for you! I also threw in a few that I just like. You can’t go wrong! It’s been another fantastic month.

November in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic} November in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}

The fall was absolutely beautiful this year! I was greeted by mild days and cool evenings for weeks before the cold finally hit. These two photos are the prime example of what a beautiful fall it was.

November in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}

I spent a long weekend near the beach seeing friends. It was wonderful to catch up.

November in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}

My friend introduced me to my new favorite products: argan oil from ogx and I bought their argon oil shampoo and conditioner. Swimming is great for my body but my hair has been a giant mess for a few months now. I couldn’t find a product that worked until my girlfriend showed me hers. I haven’t had to get the frizz ease product yet as it’s less humid now.

2014-11-17 18.24.20 November in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}

I’ve eaten some super yummy food this fall! A beautiful board of charcuterie on a pig cutting board was super cute and super delicious. A Mellow Mushroom opened in my town and my friends and I hit it up once the undergrads left. I’ve eaten at them before and they’re pretty delicious!

November in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic} November in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic} November in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic} November in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic} November in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic} November in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}

I went home to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. It’s always so wonderful to get my ‘bucket’ filled and I enjoyed the week I spent there. It also snowed, making everything look holiday festive early on. Molly posed for a pic under the Christmas tree. My cousins took about 2947 selfies with my phone and picked their best ones. They’re adorable! I make Thanksgiving dinner and my sister makes Christmas dinner. My turkey this year was quite good for a large bird. I always want to make sure everything is cooked and stays moist. Can’t go to NY without enjoying some amazing NY agriculture products: maple syrup, wings, NY pizza, and Cabot cheese. Cabot isn’t made in NY, it’s made in VT, but a lot of milk from NY goes into it. It’s superb cheese

November in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}

My flights back to the south was smooth. Flying into ORD, another plane was running parallel with Chicago in the background. The sunset over the blue ridge mountains was beautiful as we descended into ROA. I hope you have an equally beautiful, delicious, and ‘bucket’ filling month!

November in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}


Stitch Fix #6

Stitch Fix #6 {Domesticated Academic}

Stitch Fix has become my favorite thing. Over the past six months, I’ve been sent some great pieces, things I would never buy from a store, and the service has allowed me to build a good ‘base’ of solid pieces that work with many casual/professional pieces in my closet. As a young faculty, I feel as though it’s important for me to always try and look good. I always want to put my best foot forward at work. Sweats are for home, ratty t-shirts with the neck cut out are for after I get out of the pool, looking put together in properly fitting pieces is my game. Looking sharp and feeling good are mandatory when I walk onto campus and become “work tiffany.” She’s badass.


Stitch Fix #6 {Domesticated Academic}

This month was ‘off’ for me in the clothes department. In a big way. Nice pieces but unflattering for my body type. The stylist and the card laid them out nicely. I already own a jean jacket (top left) that wasn’t the same brand, but don’t need two, so there was no need to keep that. The two tops were nice (right column), but tight through the shoulders and poorly designed for my body type with flowy, long sleeves that didn’t work for me. The dress was too snug all over and the purple was VERY PURPLE. I felt like Barney the Dinosaur (the card printed it dark)….I just couldn’t get into the clothing selections this month. It’s ok, I know the deal and I know that not every piece is for me. That’s what I LOVE about this service! I knew right away that I wasn’t going to keep any of the clothing pieces but then…..

Stitch Fix #6 {Domesticated Academic} Stitch Fix #6 {Domesticated Academic}

Thankfully, there was this bag……that I LOVED almost immediately! Once I got over the gold detail, which doesn’t do much for me, I looked inside this cavernous, spacious, chevron lined messenger bag, and I fell in love.

Emperia Clarita Messenger Bag for the WIN!!!

adore this bag.  It is a vegan leather messenger bag (AKA: pleather).  I could care less about the vegan label, it’s just that: a label, marketing genius, but it also means that the price tag was tolerable as a result.  It feels amazingly soft.  The bag has tons of room and an adorable chevron lining. The cross body strap is adjustable and detaches in case you want to carry it with the handle.  I decided to keep this bag! I carried it the first day after it came and loved it!  It came with a coin purse as well to keep small items (besides change).  Awesome purchase :)

Stitch Fix #6 {Domesticated Academic}  Stitch Fix #6 {Domesticated Academic}




Five Fall Favorite Things

I love certain things for a LONG time….I rarely post about this kind of stuff, except my undying adoration for Stitch Fix, which I realize is starting to get out of control. Seriously. I just love it.

I don’t usually rant and rave about “stuff” but here I am, sharing my FIVE favorite things right now. Here we go!

Smartwool (anything)

Favorite Things {Domesticated Academic}

The cool weather (ok, polar vortex this week), has had me in smartwool every day. I have thin dress socks, athletic socks, medium weight socks for boots, and heavier weight socks for hiking. To date, I own about a dozen pair of socks of varying thicknesses, uses, and activities. I also own gloves, hats, and anything else I can afford or ask for as gifts. They make great products with attention to detail and I usually have to throw them out once I’ve walked through them. You will not go wrong so treat yourself! They’re worth every penny! Zulily and other outlets will usually have sales several times per year if you’re on a budget like me and you can be patient and then stock up on savings.

ELF Lip Stain

Favorite Things {Domesticated Academic}

I tried Ipsy and liked it, but it was to much makeup for me. I tend to be more of a minimalist when it comes to makeup. Some of this amazing lip stain every day gives me a tint of color without being sticky, heavy, cakey, or any other negative that usually comes with lip things. It gives me a hint of color without being overwhelming and is subtle. Makes my lips slightly more pink without overpowering my natural tint. The best part: $3. Can’t go wrong.

Renewing Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil

Favorite Things {Domesticated Academic}

Swimming is great for every part of my body. Except my hair. My hair has become a hot mess this fall. Swimming several times per week has wrecked it. My friend raved about this stuff when I was visiting her in FL a few weeks ago. I grabbed a pic of it and flew home. I picked up my own bottle at Target for a mere $6 and followed the instructions. After the first application, my hair calmed down, frizz and wild ends began to dissappate, and after three uses, it was like the pool never happened. Getcha some.

Bottle Brush-any kind-bonus points if it’s spongey on the end for no reason.

Favorite Things {Domesticated Academic}

I never appreciated a good bottle brush until I had tall water bottles with no way to reach the bottom to wash them. My friend in FL (years ago now) had one of these for her water bottles (and later baby bottles) and I was super excited. You can pick one up for about $3 from most stores or online (look in the baby section if you can’t find them elsewhere) and they last for a while. All of those tall bottles don’t stand a chance!

Crock Pot Chicken Stock

Because good stock shouldn’t be a lot of work. Put the bones/carcass, onion, garlic, celery, carrot, WHATEVER in the crock pot. Top with water. Put on high for 6-8 hours. Best homemade stock of my life all fall (y’all). I’ve been making this all fall from chicken and turkey bones after roasting and removing the meat. It keeps well in the fridge for 7-10 days and then you should use. I store mine in large mason jars but you can freeze it as well.

Favorite Things {Domesticated Academic}

What are your five favorite things in life lately? (They don’t have to be ‘things’ per say).

Stitch Fix #5


Stitch Fix #5 {Domesticated Academic}

What time is it? It’s time for some Stitch Fix!! I love me some stitch fix and I’m growing to like it more each month. Great clothes right to my door. No fuss, no muss, three days to try them on and decide if they should be in your wardrobe.


Look at all of that goodness that got delivered????? I was immediately excited when I discovered some amazing prints that had looked familiar from my pinterest board. Excitement!!! The two bulkiest pieces are photographed below. There was two tops that were nice, but unflattering in fit, where they ‘fell’ on my body and not my style. I knew immediately I’d keep the two pieces below. They fit properly, they’re a little preppy, a little classy, a little fun, and a lot of “fit properly” for my body type.

**Disclaimer**it’s dark when I get home. So, photos will be dark until the clocks change again. We’ve gone from glaring light photos to dark photos. There’s only so much help I can get from the ‘edit’ function on my iphone. And I doubt I’ll be getting home any earlier to try clothes on. 🙂 **end disclaimer**

Stitch Fix #5 {Domesticated Academic}

My stylist was ON POINT this month! Kim referenced my pinterest board and did her best to fulfill my requests. I absolutely love the vest and moto jacket. Keepers!!! I love the feel of the french terry moto jacket, the zippers on the sleeves and the way it fits. I will likely leave it unzipped and wear it as a ‘sweater’ at work. Anything to break up my cardigan addiction. It’s got a little edge without being too weird for me.

Stitch Fix #5 {Domesticated Academic}


I love the vest too. The black and white herringbone pattern with black piping is a really nice pattern with some great quilting details. It’s super stylish and will look good with a variety of staples I already own. Win!

Check it out and save yourself a few headaches and a lot of stress and time! As a young academic, I’m always looking to improve my appearance to make up for the lack of gray hairs on my head. This is the perfect way for me to do that without losing time doing research or teaching.

Another great month! Thanks Stitch Fix!


October in an Instagram

October was a delightful month! The humidity broke, the sun came out almost every day, and my hair cooperated with some nice waves without going to crazy and with minimal products in it. October, you were a winner this year!

It wouldn’t have been a great month without some fantastic weather to enjoy, to finally do some more baking, and to start making my favorite homemade pumpkin spice syrup for coffee. I feel like Starbucks charges me more every time I walk in there for the same product, so I keep a batch in my fridge at all times. Anywho…..on with the month!

October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}


This sunset. I walked out of the office/work one evening late to find this beautiful sky greeting me. The sun was getting ready for bed and the lights were just beginning to come on around campus. It was one of those rare Forrest Gump type moments in life where you didn’t know where the sky ended because it was so beautiful.

October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}


I was treated to some exceptionally beautiful scenery this month! I cannot say enough about the fall colors here in the south this year. As a northern girl with affinity for the foliage of upstate NY, I’ve been underwhelmed for many years since moving down here. I have to admit, Fall outdid herself around here this year. From vibrant reds to fully saturated oranges and yellows, the leaves put on quite a show for us this year. Not to dismiss the often blue and clear skies that came with those beautiful colors, but the leaves stole the show for well over a month. A hard wind and rainy mix knocked a lot of them off this past weekend, but I truly have enjoyed the leaves this year. Perhaps more than any other year I’ve lived here! October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}

October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}


Apple streusel muffin?

October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}


I didn’t buy candy and I didn’t turn my porch light on. I sucked at Halloween this year. But, my friend and I did cook some delicious food and he made some tasty drinks for us on Halloween. Someday I’ll be dressing up my kids and asking strangers for candy, but until that day comes, I’ll be having drinks and snacks with friends.

October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}

I had a meeting and the person I saw had this ironic light hanging in his office. I love it. I kind of want one.

October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}


A deluxe plate of lox and cream cheese. Salty capers and some fresh slices of tomato made this a decadent breakfast while writing one morning.

October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}

Who’s watching me drink my coffee? Matching mugs made my morning when having breakfast with a friend. We could ‘stare’ at each other for hours 😛