October in an Instagram

October was a delightful month! The humidity broke, the sun came out almost every day, and my hair cooperated with some nice waves without going to crazy and with minimal products in it. October, you were a winner this year!

It wouldn’t have been a great month without some fantastic weather to enjoy, to finally do some more baking, and to start making my favorite homemade pumpkin spice syrup for coffee. I feel like Starbucks charges me more every time I walk in there for the same product, so I keep a batch in my fridge at all times. Anywho…..on with the month!

October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}


This sunset. I walked out of the office/work one evening late to find this beautiful sky greeting me. The sun was getting ready for bed and the lights were just beginning to come on around campus. It was one of those rare Forrest Gump type moments in life where you didn’t know where the sky ended because it was so beautiful.

October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}


I was treated to some exceptionally beautiful scenery this month! I cannot say enough about the fall colors here in the south this year. As a northern girl with affinity for the foliage of upstate NY, I’ve been underwhelmed for many years since moving down here. I have to admit, Fall outdid herself around here this year. From vibrant reds to fully saturated oranges and yellows, the leaves put on quite a show for us this year. Not to dismiss the often blue and clear skies that came with those beautiful colors, but the leaves stole the show for well over a month. A hard wind and rainy mix knocked a lot of them off this past weekend, but I truly have enjoyed the leaves this year. Perhaps more than any other year I’ve lived here! October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}

October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}


Apple streusel muffin?

October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}


I didn’t buy candy and I didn’t turn my porch light on. I sucked at Halloween this year. But, my friend and I did cook some delicious food and he made some tasty drinks for us on Halloween. Someday I’ll be dressing up my kids and asking strangers for candy, but until that day comes, I’ll be having drinks and snacks with friends.

October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}

I had a meeting and the person I saw had this ironic light hanging in his office. I love it. I kind of want one.

October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}


A deluxe plate of lox and cream cheese. Salty capers and some fresh slices of tomato made this a decadent breakfast while writing one morning.

October in an Instagram {Domesticated Academic}

Who’s watching me drink my coffee? Matching mugs made my morning when having breakfast with a friend. We could ‘stare’ at each other for hours 😛



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