Stitch Fix #5


Stitch Fix #5 {Domesticated Academic}

What time is it? It’s time for some Stitch Fix!! I love me some stitch fix and I’m growing to like it more each month. Great clothes right to my door. No fuss, no muss, three days to try them on and decide if they should be in your wardrobe.


Look at all of that goodness that got delivered????? I was immediately excited when I discovered some amazing prints that had looked familiar from my pinterest board. Excitement!!! The two bulkiest pieces are photographed below. There was two tops that were nice, but unflattering in fit, where they ‘fell’ on my body and not my style. I knew immediately I’d keep the two pieces below. They fit properly, they’re a little preppy, a little classy, a little fun, and a lot of “fit properly” for my body type.

**Disclaimer**it’s dark when I get home. So, photos will be dark until the clocks change again. We’ve gone from glaring light photos to dark photos. There’s only so much help I can get from the ‘edit’ function on my iphone. And I doubt I’ll be getting home any earlier to try clothes on. 🙂 **end disclaimer**

Stitch Fix #5 {Domesticated Academic}

My stylist was ON POINT this month! Kim referenced my pinterest board and did her best to fulfill my requests. I absolutely love the vest and moto jacket. Keepers!!! I love the feel of the french terry moto jacket, the zippers on the sleeves and the way it fits. I will likely leave it unzipped and wear it as a ‘sweater’ at work. Anything to break up my cardigan addiction. It’s got a little edge without being too weird for me.

Stitch Fix #5 {Domesticated Academic}


I love the vest too. The black and white herringbone pattern with black piping is a really nice pattern with some great quilting details. It’s super stylish and will look good with a variety of staples I already own. Win!

Check it out and save yourself a few headaches and a lot of stress and time! As a young academic, I’m always looking to improve my appearance to make up for the lack of gray hairs on my head. This is the perfect way for me to do that without losing time doing research or teaching.

Another great month! Thanks Stitch Fix!



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