Stitch Fix #6

Stitch Fix #6 {Domesticated Academic}

Stitch Fix has become my favorite thing. Over the past six months, I’ve been sent some great pieces, things I would never buy from a store, and the service has allowed me to build a good ‘base’ of solid pieces that work with many casual/professional pieces in my closet. As a young faculty, I feel as though it’s important for me to always try and look good. I always want to put my best foot forward at work. Sweats are for home, ratty t-shirts with the neck cut out are for after I get out of the pool, looking put together in properly fitting pieces is my game. Looking sharp and feeling good are mandatory when I walk onto campus and become “work tiffany.” She’s badass.


Stitch Fix #6 {Domesticated Academic}

This month was ‘off’ for me in the clothes department. In a big way. Nice pieces but unflattering for my body type. The stylist and the card laid them out nicely. I already own a jean jacket (top left) that wasn’t the same brand, but don’t need two, so there was no need to keep that. The two tops were nice (right column), but tight through the shoulders and poorly designed for my body type with flowy, long sleeves that didn’t work for me. The dress was too snug all over and the purple was VERY PURPLE. I felt like Barney the Dinosaur (the card printed it dark)….I just couldn’t get into the clothing selections this month. It’s ok, I know the deal and I know that not every piece is for me. That’s what I LOVE about this service! I knew right away that I wasn’t going to keep any of the clothing pieces but then…..

Stitch Fix #6 {Domesticated Academic} Stitch Fix #6 {Domesticated Academic}

Thankfully, there was this bag……that I LOVED almost immediately! Once I got over the gold detail, which doesn’t do much for me, I looked inside this cavernous, spacious, chevron lined messenger bag, and I fell in love.

Emperia Clarita Messenger Bag for the WIN!!!

adore this bag.  It is a vegan leather messenger bag (AKA: pleather).  I could care less about the vegan label, it’s just that: a label, marketing genius, but it also means that the price tag was tolerable as a result.  It feels amazingly soft.  The bag has tons of room and an adorable chevron lining. The cross body strap is adjustable and detaches in case you want to carry it with the handle.  I decided to keep this bag! I carried it the first day after it came and loved it!  It came with a coin purse as well to keep small items (besides change).  Awesome purchase :)

Stitch Fix #6 {Domesticated Academic}  Stitch Fix #6 {Domesticated Academic}





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