Stitch Fix #7-The Magic is Fading

Stitch Fix #7-The Magic Faded a Bit

I love it when my box gets shipped. I waited on this box due to the holidays and budget issues. Two weeks after the holidays was a safer bet in general for me for monetary reasons, travel reasons, and it gave me two weeks to shed the salt and alcohol from my system that compounded during the holidays (if we’re just being honest here) so I could try something on with a more accurate eye. Over the holidays, I found a couple groups on facebook that were all about stitch fix and joined both of them. I’m sure there’s more out there, but two is plenty. I started seeing what other women were getting, learning some tricks of the trade, and about stitch fix house brands (41 hawthorn & market and spruce) and where I could find their goods with other labels on them. Good information.

So, my box shipped and I peeked at what was coming. I was very excited once again to see how things looked on me and this was a good box with ONE exception: THE PRICE POINTS THIS MONTH WERE HORRENDOUSLY HIGH!!!!

Four items and a cross body bag (that I requested) came. Everything fit this month. Everything was mostly flattering. Two items were highly overpriced. The bag was the most moderately priced item. Stitch fix says that item’s average $55 per piece but mine averaged over $70 per piece this time around. Why? Do they think I can afford to pay more? Because I can’t. My stylist cited my Pinterest board and fulfilled my bag request, thank you!

The Yumi dress caused me stress. FIRST WORLD STRESS. Read on below.

**Photos are dark this month because it gets dark early and this girl has to work.

Yumi Marina Polka Dot Belted Dress- $114-returned

Holy shit. $114 for a cotton blend dress? Is it going to make my dinner? I tried it on and was in LOVE. Flattering, generous cut, appropriate length, looked great w appropriate blazer (but not in appropriate socks). Man, I liked this dress. So, to the Internet I went. I found this same dress at 6pm for half the price. I emailed customer service with the link after one of my girlfriends told me stitch fix will price match. I carefully looked at the 6pm dress, making sure it was the same one, same details, same zipper. It was.

Stitch fix denied my request because 6 p.m. currently doesn’t have the same size available. I’m sorry stitch fix, that’s crap. The fact that you marked this dress up double to what an online retailer had it listed as is ludicrous. If an online retailer is selling it as a sale item at this point (late in the game/more than one season old), then you should consider that as well. I know you have people trolling the web each day to make sure you’re getting your fair mark up, but you’re going to have to work harder to keep up. We’re smart women, we know to search google. You need to do your homework before sending out items with that price tag on them.

I have to say, this has really soured my opinion of your service. I’m not upset that I didn’t “get my way” like a brat, I’m disappointed in the gross markup and the technicality you worked to your favor. You got your $20 fee but you lost more than money this month.

******UPDATE: stitch fix later reversed their decision and offered to send me back the dress at the discounted price. I appreciate the act of good faith and the update to their policies. Brent was very kind to drop a note to me and I, in turn, am ever so grateful for the follow up. I appreciate the note. I did not have them send it back, I’ll live without a dress and am looking forward to my next box.

Stitch Fix #7-The Magic Faded a Bit

Stitch Fix #7-The Magic Faded a Bit

Urban Expressions Sylvia Crossbody Bag-$48-kept

I asked for this and my stylist sent this. I love it and I kept it. I find it hilarious that it’s “vegan” leather AKA: pleather. Stop trying to make it sound so fancy, it’s ok to many because we don’t care if we spill on it and don’t want to spend hundreds on bags for work. Good job Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix #7-The Magic Faded a Bit

41 Hawthorn Silk Henley blouse- $88

Lovely, but not for the $88 they were asking. Sleeveless in January? Are you drunk stitch fix? Stitch Fix #7-The Magic Faded a Bit

Renee C Tucker Mixed Print 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

Super cute but it felt cheap, thin, and flimsy. Wasn’t in love. And if I’ve learned anything about myself in life, if I don’t love it, I won’t wear it. This was around $50, not bad.

Stitch Fix #7-The Magic Faded a Bit

Cecily Crew Neck Sweater in Grey- $58

No pic. No love. This had a pull in it when I opened the box so it went immediately into the return bag. I’m not messing with fixing a $58 sweater.

The fix itself wasn’t bad this month. The price point they have me at is. The dickering about the dress should have been easy. It would have guaranteed my loyalty. I’d read about the nordstrom rack dispute and have read enough blogs to know their game. I respect they need to make a profit and offer a service that I appreciate. I’m willing to pay a nominal amount for the service, but I’m not willing to pay double.


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