Stitch Fix #8-Consistency is Key

Stitch Fix #8 {Domesticated Academic}

Box #8 was consistent as always. I’ve never had a box where I love everything. I think it has a lot do with the fact that I’m right on the size cusp, but also I’m very picky. I was pleased with this box overall and returned things due to sizing or just because they weren’t my taste and it was a stretch for me.

Stitch Fix has been a great service for me. I can honestly admit that I’ve cut down on purchasing clothes in general and when I am at Target, I’ll think, “no, a box is coming soon” before I spend money on stuff I won’t wear or just wear a few times. I can honestly say I wear the crap out of my stitch fix pieces. I get compliments on them frequently and the clothes are always interesting and not things I would normally purchase. If you’d like to give it a try, you can use my link

No pressure either way. Stitch Fix doesn’t compensate me. I pay the $20 styling fee each month and appreciate what they send me.

Stitch Fix #8 {Domesticated Academic}

I had one necklace and four pieces in this months box. It was a dark palette this month. I had requested print tops and my stylist obliged with two tops.

Stitch Fix #8 {Domesticated Academic}

I really fell in love with this necklace at first sight. That’s how I knew I’d keep it. The Zad Connie Abstract Circle Bib Necklace was pretty, simple, and something I would have picked out for myself in a store. I usually don’t buy jewelry in general and could not recall the last time I purchased a new piece so this was a keeper. This is what I love about Stitch Fix. You never know what you’ll like.

Stitch Fix #8 {Domesticated Academic}

The top is a Skies are Blue Larkin Embroidered Knit Top. I really like the detail in the neckline and the navy is very trendy. The shirt is well made. At $54, the jury is still out on this one.

Stitch Fix #8 {Domesticated Academic}

LIverpool Raina Dark Denim Jacket. Liked but I already own one. Need to remove any pins off pinterest board.

Stitch Fix #8 {Domesticated Academic}

Loved this shirt but couldn’t get it over my head (Renee C Santorini Crew Neck Blouse). The way it was cut or something wasn’t going to work. At all. I did like the shirt though.

Finally, the Level 99 Lilah Skinny Jeans were super cute but the price point was too high ($98) and the pants were too skinny on even my skinniest day.

Stitch Fix #8 {Domesticated Academic}


One thought on “Stitch Fix #8-Consistency is Key

  1. I love that necklace too! I would totally have kept it. I hate when I’m on the cusp of liking something, I know if I’m not WILD about it at first I won’t wear it. I like the black and white top too!

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