Stitch Fix #13: Summer Edition

The dog days of summer are here! While it was scorching hot for several weeks in June, July has cooled down a bit, but the humidity around here is biblical for this part of the world. The high temps are only in the 80’s, but the humidity sits right around a comfortable 90% or higher every day. Sticky? YES. I told my stylist to surprise me once again. Whenever I say “I want this” I hate it, so I’ve relinquished control over this part of my life in the name of fun!

Stitch Fix #13 {Domesticated Academic}

Love that green poking out!

Pixley Beckett V-Neck Blouse-$48

Stitch Fix #13 {Domesticated Academic}

Liked it, didn’t love it. Fit perfect, was cool to wear. I liked the pop of pink in it, but it seemed a little juvenile for me. I have something very similar with a different pattern from Ann Taylor already so I sent it back. Would have kept if another color.

Collective Concepts Ardenas Split Neck Blouse-$58

Stitch Fix #13 {Domesticated Academic}

This blouse is fantastic! I loved the color, the pattern, everything. Green is NOT the best color on me though. I sold this (for the record). Again, another color that flatters Asian skin and it would have been a winner.

Loveappella Leanne Maxi Skirt-$44

Stitch Fix #13 {Domesticated Academic}

This skirt was really comfortable and beautiful. While I hate to be “that woman” I have to say this: I can find the same thing for $20 at Target. In fact, I have a black one from Target. If I had to be critical, I’d say it was too long for my short frame.

Mavi Sonja Boyfriend Jean-$88

Stitch Fix #13 {Domesticated Academic}

Lovely jeans. Too tight. The end.

Bancroft Kate Stone & Pave Disc Layering Necklace-$34

Stitch Fix #13 {Domesticated Academic}

Nice piece, just not my style. No other complaints.

Stitch Fix has been a great service for me. I can honestly admit that I’ve cut down on purchasing clothes in general and when I am at Target, I’ll think, “no, a box is coming soon” before I spend money on stuff I won’t wear or just wear a few times. I can honestly say I wear the crap out of my stitch fix pieces. I get compliments on them frequently and the clothes are always interesting and not things I would normally purchase. If you’d like to give it a try, you can use my link

No pressure either way. Stitch Fix doesn’t compensate me. I pay the $20 styling fee each month and appreciate what they send me.