Stitch Fix #17-Fall Fell


Love. I love Leslie. Whoever she is in the Stitch Fix ether, I would like to give her a blog shout out right now. This box would have been 5/5. My very first and true unicorn. And then there’s my personal budget to contend with. And that’s when s*&t gets real. But let me bask….for one more minute….Thanks Leslie! Seriously, it was a great box. My budget helped me make several decisions, but if I had unlimited income, I would have kept all five pieces this month. The only major fit issue I had was a personal taste one. The skirt fit great, but was a bit short for my personal taste. It was also not the best flare on me. I’m short.

Street Level Anchorage Nylon Tote $58




This bag is HUGE on the inside! (TWSS) It will hold your every life need perfectly. I liked the faux leather handles and the fact that it’s nylon means you could wash it without damaging it should you spill on it. There’s a huge main compartment and two smaller ones on each side. The color was rich and warm. I didn’t keep it because I’m thinking of really splurging on a beautiful work bag that would be my “go to” for many, many years…

Le Lis Grenaa Knit Blazer $58


I didn’t think I would like this. I typically like a well designed, lined blazer. But then I remember how hot I can get in blazers. I like wearing a light sweater at the office and this fits the bill! I tried it on with the mustard shirt below and it was an immediate match made in heaven. It’s light enough to be comfortable, it’s comfortable and not restricting, and it’s professional enough that I could teach in it. I like that the sleeves are already folded and I folded them another time. I’m short, I have short arms, I’m basically shaped like a T-Rex up in here. 3/4 sleeves are my spirit animal.

Market & Spruce Pablo V-Neck Blouse $58


Love this. Love the fit. Love the pattern. Love the solid back. The v-neck is flattering and not too revealing. Beautiful piece. The end.

Market & Spruce Yuna Chevron Pointelle Knit Sweater $68


I really wanted to like this sweater more than I did. It fit well but the sleeves were much too long and would have mandated I rolled them up several times. I have short arms, I’m learning to cope. I did love the pattern on it, I could pair it with colored shirts underneath for a neat combination and the color was a great neutral tan/khaki, perfect for navy trousers, jeans, boots, and a scarf on any given day. If I had unlimited funds….

Pixley Triste Swing Skirt $58

I really enjoyed this skirt. It was definitely out of my comfort zone. I would have thought harder about it if I’d had the funds. The black edging on the bottom is a really nice detail and it helps that the skirt flares, making it a generous cut. It was too short for my personal taste and that was the only downfall of this piece.

Overall, another great and really fun box! Thanks again to Leslie for being the bomb dot com.

I loved this top as well. It was really soft with a flattering collar. When I tried it on, it was too snug across the bust and shoulders, making it an automatic “return” item. I loved the pattern. The polka dots weren’t obnoxiously big and this would have worn well under a jacket for a complete outfit. I wanted this to fit! I was so excited when I peeked at my shipment.

Stitch Fix has been a great service for me. I can honestly admit that I’ve cut down on purchasing clothes in general and when I am at Target, I’ll think, “no, a box is coming soon” before I spend money on stuff I won’t wear or just wear a few times. I can honestly say I wear the crap out of my stitch fix pieces. I get compliments on them frequently and the clothes are always interesting and not things I would normally purchase. If you’d like to give it a try, you can use my link

No pressure either way. Stitch Fix doesn’t compensate me. I pay the $20 styling fee each month and appreciate what they send me.