Stitch Fix #19-Chasing Those Winter Blues

Post holiday’s got me like….so much work!!! I returned from two weeks on the farm and got a cold. Within 24 hours. Damn you germs….instead of enjoying my two week respite to plow through work and get a lot done before the students returned, I spent a good week of it hiding under a blanket on the couch not breathing through my nose. I know it can always be worse, but it was a good reason to stay home and rest. I didn’t push myself to do all of the things during this cold and I think I recovered faster as a result. I skipped some work stuff and ran a fever like a champion instead.

In the midst of my sudafed induced haze, I had forgot that I had schedule a box to show up! How exciting when I received the shipping notification. Betsey is my stylist du jour and she’s fantastic. I enjoyed her note this month, citing my pinterest board and promising something I have been asking for next month. I’ve been fortunate to lose about 15 lbs since October, thus making fit issues easier and the two shirts I kept were borderline too big but very comfortable. I’ve been working hard on that eating thing and am finally seeing the rewards.

Dear John Marson Wide Leg Denim Trouser- $78

I liked these pants, the wash was dark and slightly faded on the thighs. That’s where it ended. They were too low cut for me, the slit pockets always stick out, no matter how baggy, and they were too tight across my butt. Flare leg may be back in style, but these bogged me down. I have issues with pants usually, hemming them but even with a hem, these were very flared.

Romolo Branson Metal Fringe Necklace-$34

I liked this as well. It looks funky and a little edgy. I have a whole cork board of nice jewelry that I don’t wear, necklaces specifically so I could not justify keeping this knowing it would merely ‘hang’ there…..Great piece though

Sweet Grey Carlisle Mixed Material Top- $78

This is a beautiful piece and I love the contrast fabric under it. It’s soft, comfortable, and flatters most figures. I paired it with my red vest, jeans, and boots the first time I wore it. I can also wear this with a blazer for a more finished look. It’s generously cut and has a bit of a hi/low front/back to it.

Margaret M Christiana Textured Pencil Skirt- $78

This skirt was very wrinkly, not a good sign for my lifestyle. I like the print/texture of it. It’s also got a good bit of spandex in it. While I like a little stretch, it made me feel like I’d tried to shove myself into a tube. And I feel that’s how it looked on me. It just doesn’t work for me.

Loveappella Pines Mesh Neckline Knit Top- $54

This seemed like a “meh” piece when I pulled it out of the box, another navy top, so many first world problems…..and then I tried it on. Strangely, I was drawn to it. The short sleeves mean it can be worn alone without the need for a sweater or blazer, the mesh is quite nice to look at with the block pattern, and the contrast neckline in bright yellow was extra appealing to me. I would not have picked this out at a store but once I tried it on I thought, “i like this, i think i’m going to keep it.” And the rest is history….

Stitch Fix has been a great service for me. I can honestly admit that I’ve cut down on purchasing clothes in general and when I am at Target, I’ll think, “no, a box is coming soon” before I spend money on stuff I won’t wear or just wear a few times. I can honestly say I wear the crap out of my stitch fix pieces. I get compliments on them frequently and the clothes are always interesting and not things I would normally purchase. If you’d like to give it a try, you can use my link

No pressure either way. Stitch Fix doesn’t compensate me. I pay the $20 styling fee each month and appreciate what they send me.