Stitch Fix #21-5/5

2016-04-07 18.03.51

It happened, a 5/5 for the first time (and likely only time for a while)!

I could not believe it either but thanks to Betsy, my kick ass stylist for sending me amazing pieces, referencing my pinterest board, and noting that a prior top was above my price point so I had to return it so she sent me a lower cost top that I loved just as much. The shoes are adorable and the discount plus a credit I had made each piece $36. Yes, this is a service and I’m aware of my good fortune so I know this will not happen very often. The price points on the shoes and jeans were higher than I would normally pay but with the discount and credit it worked out this month. I had really been looking forward to the shoes. I know I’ve said it before but where I live is pretty limited in shopping for professional women. There’s a Loft and….a gap outlet and a target. No jokes. So, it’s worth it for me. We have a super shoes but don’t get crazy on the nursing shoes they sell! 😉


Seychelles Boss peep Toe Flats- $90

2016-04-07 18.05.08

Super cute, really practical, and a great color. I love the coral/red of these and they’re great for spring/summer. I have wide feet in the front with narrow heels so I was skeptical when I saw these were coming and I am pleasantly surprised.

Le Lis Maile Scoop Neck Top-$44

2016-04-07 18.07.16

This was a great option for a spring/summer tank. It’s got a fun pattern and a variety of colors that can be paired with a lot of other pieces I own. It would also go with the cute shoes above. I also like the two pattern aspect of it across the bottom.

Skies are Blue McClain Crochet Panel Knit Top-$54

2016-04-07 18.06.17

I will admit, this was the piece I would have sent back as it was a little snug across the shoulders. Even when I pulled it out of the box I thought, “this is not an XL” so if you’re getting this, it runs small. This is fitted for me, even in the shoulders but I do love it and I’m going to wet it and stretch it some in the shoulders to see if it will give at all. I do love the detail of it and I don’t own many white pieces so it’s a good addition for me that I would not have pulled at a store.

THML Dorris Embroidery Detail Top-$48

2016-04-07 18.06.52

Loved this immediately. This was a replacement piece from a prior fix when the price point on a silk top was just too much for me to purchase. My stylist even mentioned it, noting that she pulled this with a lower price point and I fell in love with it. I appreciate her feedback and attention to detail on noting my price preferences. It’s my favorite piece of the fix. I love the embroidery, the neckline and the blue contrast. Will make a perfect summer piece for me and I can pair it with a light blazer or sweater.

Kut from the Kloth Simmons Bootcut Jeans-$88

2016-04-07 18.05.59-2

Truth time: I’ve worked hard with the help of my doctor since fall and dropped about 20 lbs so far. I have not fit into “normal” jeans in so long….SO LONG, so it was almost surreal to put these on and have them fit! I realize everyone has a different story on a healthy body but my breaking point was last summer when I would keep gaining AND then clothes from regular stores no longer fit. That was my deal breaker. I started seeing a new doc and endocrinologist to take care of some old health issues that I’d ignored for years and it’s been a slow but steady six months. For today, I’m going to enjoy the weight loss, know I worked really hard at it, and boogie around in these jeans. I’m short so I’ll have to hem them, but I have to hem all the pants I buy. Except shorts and capri pants. These have a nice bit of stretch to them and ride at a normal rise, not butt crack rise, so that’s good for me since I’m not 25 anymore (thank a god for that) and being a plumber is not a thing in my life. They’re dark rinse so I’ll happily wear them to work once I tailor them.

Stitch Fix has been a great service for me. I can honestly admit that I’ve cut down on purchasing clothes in general and when I am at Target, I’ll think, “no, a box is coming soon” before I spend money on stuff I won’t wear or just wear a few times. I can honestly say I wear the crap out of my stitch fix pieces. I get compliments on them frequently and the clothes are always interesting and not things I would normally purchase. If you’d like to give it a try, you can use my link

No pressure either way. Stitch Fix doesn’t compensate me. I pay the $20 styling fee each month and appreciate what they send me.