Meet the Domesticated Academic

Meet the Domesticated Academic (DA?) ;~)

Hi, I’m Tiffany! Thanks for stopping by!

I love to cook, bake, eat, take pictures of beautiful things, make crafts, and share them with you.

Just like so many of you, I grew up ‘cooking’ with my grandmothers by stirring cereal in large bowls while I watched them make the ‘real meal’ and my mom had me cooking dinner for practice by middle school.  I am not a classically trained chef, but I taught myself how to NOT light things on fire, one cake and casserole at a time.  My cooking and baking is always a work in process and there are still times when I taste a ‘finished product’ and go back and keep working on it!

I wish I could stay home and do this all day. In my “real life,” I’m a first year faculty at an R1 on the East Coast.  I finished up my PhD in  and thankfully, rolled right into a faculty position. I always try to shoot in natural light since I think it makes the food look the best.  I do most of my cooking on weekends to prepare for lunches and easy meals during the week and YES, I eat all of the food that you see on this blog.

I am continually working on my health and weight. I try to balance what is healthy and what is real for me. I continue to work on my positive self-image while wading through the mass amounts of media and marketing who dictate what they ‘think’ I should be eating, doing, working out with, or trying to aspire too.

I have never been a ‘skinny’ person, the weight piled on during college and after my divorce, I ate for comfort. Completing a PhD didn’t help, spending hours sitting through my graduate program in order to earn my degree.  When my dissertation was mostly written I made a solid choice to start spending some time working on me! I joined weight watchers to get me started and the first 20 pounds came off easily.  I stopped paying for WW and began to maintain my own food journal, keep working on portions, seconds, and night snacking.  It really is a complete lifestyle change that I continue to work on. I become unpleasant if I go all paleo or atkins or any of those other fad diets, so I try to eat a balanced diet and work to exclude some carbs since those seem to get the best of me! Like you, I fall off the ‘wagon’ every now and then.

I have found genuine enjoyment in yoga and look forward to a good 90 minute vinyasa class each week and a few more times at home with my ‘yoga’ playlist.  I also do cardio, light weights, hike, walk, ‘try’ run (I try to run, it’s not pretty), and when I’m feeling crazy, one of those Insanity videos. During the cooler months, I take advantage of the on-campus gym and showers so I can work out during the day.

I live in a classic college town that is quiet and quaint until football season rolls around and then it’s GAME ON!

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