My life in photos

Enjoy a few photos of me and my lovely life! 

Agriculture is a huge part of my life.  I was raised on a 500 acre registered Holstein dairy farm in Upstate NY!  My border collie, Molly, came to grad school with me, but got bored and moved back to NY to be the ‘top dog’ at the farm.  She is now the queen of the farm, herding cows, playing ball, and living the good life with her other border collie buddy, Shadow.  I grew up working, showing, judging, and learning some great lessons on the farm! Below are some of my favorites of the farm! 

Besides agriculture, I enjoy many outdoor activities like kayaking, taking nature photos, hiking, and of course, spending time with the people who matter like good friends and family.  I’m always grateful to find myself surrounded by such good people and some of my awesome ‘teacher friends’ are great women who I still keep in touch with even though I moved away from Upstate NY years ago. Yes, Molly will wear a birthday hat, but only if you pin her to the ground–she looks like a demon dog!  Surely a dog living a “ruff” life for sure! 


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