MMZ-a beautiful bar

I loved this bar.  No, not the drinks–the bar itself. The drink was good, I had a Riesling, but the bar was very unique.  Cut plexi glass and wood were fitted together with lights underneath.

It was very cool and even in the dim lighting, it photographed really well.


DC-all about the cupcake

I love DC.  I lived there for a stint a few years ago. I love that there’s always something to do, something to see, something to eat, lots of amazing photos to take, and the history. I don’t love the traffic, noise, and city water.

That being said, I enjoy the fact that I can visit for a few days and then return to the refuge of the quiet country.

I was up in DC on a recent trip and will be back again in a few weeks for work.  All work and no play make for one boring trip, so I always try to sneak a few hours here and there to see what’s happening in our nations capital.

Cupcakes have become an obsession of American culture (some parts of it anyway) and while I didn’t get over to Georgetown in time for some Georgetown cupcake, I did manage to get to Hello Cupcake before closing one evening.  Located in DuPont Circle, Hello Cupcake serves up lots of flavors in beautiful cases.  Even though it was the end of the day, there was still six or seven flavors left and the staff was friendly.

I picked a peanut butter blossom and raspberry beret.

My cupcakes were put in a ‘to go’ box since I managed to get there with about 15 minutes to spare before closing time.  Hello Cupcake! Cute box for some extra special treats!

My first selection was the peanut butter kiss cupcake.

The frosting was light with just enough peanut butter flavor without being heavy.  The cupcake underneath it was firm and chocolatey good.  The kiss on top: showing off 🙂

The raspberry buttercream was delightful. Hands down.

If you get to DC, hop on the metro and go find yourself some cupcakes!

Luggage: come back to me new friend….

I never thought much about luggage. I’d been using the same set since I was about 16. For Christmas, my mom gave my sister and I both a new carry on sized suitcase.  She had to buy one of these fabulous carry on suitcases after hers exploded in an airport, leaving her with few options and about an hour.  She shelled out some buku bucks for a suitcase and wished it luck–she travels a lot.

Hello new love of my life……Brookstone.  Mine isn’t black, it’s chocolate brown and while brown isn’t really my thaaang, I no longer care. I’m totally enamored by this.  While traveling, I talked to PIC about my luggage, I texted my sister about the luggage (she shares the same excitement), and I talked it up to just about anyone who would listen. I’m obsessed.

I am in LOVE. Apparently, so is US Airways: it’s missing…I’m sure it will come back to me.  I told my boss that it was because I was bragging about how awesome it was that it decided to run away….

I know it’s expensive, I know it’s a suitcase, but you know what else I know: it’s great luggage.  I will never go back.  I may have to ask for another sooner than a decade!

Come BACK awesome suitcase!!!!!!

Until you return….I will think of you fondly.

**I’m also very grateful that when I was forced to check my carry on due to a very full flight, I grabbed my toiletries out of the suitcase.**