Rules of the Road

There are 5848596830 things I love about blogging. For this space and the New Faculty space, I just can’t gush enough. The food blog started as an online recipe index for me. I have so many amazing family recipes (like so many of you) that I wanted to catalog them FOR-EVAAAAA and share them w/ the blogosphere. I do also share my passion and hobbies of photography, sewing, some crafting, and general things.

I generally cook, taste, modify, eat some more, and then make things available. Not everything is a ‘winner’ or will be on it’s way to the French Culinary Institute. Not everything is healthy. Not everything is perfect. Trust me, any cook will tell you that no recipe is ever perfect because everyone’s palette is different. No photographer will ever say that every photo they shoot is perfect because the eye is a highly sensitive lens through which we view the world. No sewing project is perfect because…..well trust me, my sewing projects are rarely perfect. The same for crafts. But, they make me happy. They fill my creative niche in my brain when I’m not drowning in academia and students.

I enjoy sharing this stuff with you.

Why two paragraphs on why I love blogging?


Stop posting negative comments everysingletimeipublish.  Good grief, do you have full time job? Is it to harass me? Go get another one! THANKS! It’s annoying. Not because you’re just being an anal fissure on my life, but you’re putting your toxic dump on me and generally, my days are a-ok and I don’t need you to be my judge/jury.


here’s the rules of the road:

  • i will share my opinion
  • i welcome your positive or constructive feedback. ex: “i modified this recipe by adding_______ “OR “did you leave out the salt in the recipe?” (odds are i did by accident & i will correct & thank you for catching my snafu)
  • REFUSE to approve any NEGATIVE COMMENTS that are nothing but junk
  • i talk about the stuff I WANT TO TALK ABOUT. you don’t have to like it but as my mom taught me:


I don’t go running around online and commenting on your kitten blog or the fact that your email address is beaglelover at gmail dot com because your identity is only wrapped up in dog or tell you I think your newborn baby looks like one of the aliens from Alien, so don’t feel the need to come shit all over mine. Quite frankly, I don’t know what else people do all day, but I don’t have the time to just troll around blogger world looking to shit on someone’s intellectual capital. And I don’t have kids or a “permanent roommate” in my life, so those of you who do this blogging business, have jobs, children, and that permanent roommate, AND have time to post a lot of hateful prose on blogs on a regular basis: my hat goes off to you. (that would be if i ever wore hats, which i only wear in the winter, come back & ask me in january).

the end


9 thoughts on “Rules of the Road

  1. Holy Mary mother of God lady,,,we must be sisters
    ! Haha. Like your blog ms domestic (oh and the cup cakes)..I never mess w fam or food. Carry on!!

  2. Girl. You just said what I wish someone would say on all blogs, websites, etc. everywhere. How do people have the time to be so hateful! I just found your blog through my kids’ pediatrician posting your blueberry power muffin recipe on their food facebook page! LOL. and I already love your attitude [and recipes]! I like seeing peoples modifications – gives me new ideas, but the complaints and criticism and the harping on the calorie content is crazy! I mean… really, *really?!?*.

      • If you search “what’s McClellan cooking?” On Facebook it should come up. He’s our pediatrician (his wife is a pediatrician too) and they love local or natural foods and “good for you snacks” .

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